Conversation Between Ed Bahr and Kennebec
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Conversation Between Ed Bahr and Kennebec

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  1. 1st litter Pal was down south when my girl was in heat, so I bred to a ME chessie from the Treasure Lake line of Ohio.
    I kept a female from that litter that has remarkable marking/memory...been doing triples well since Spring. Still too puppy-like to focus well for blinds, but I will try her in Senior this month. Anyway, she must get her playful attitude from her mother, as Jane loves nothing better that to be 1st to get to a thrown bumper (she is fast & driven) & have all the other dogs chase her trying to get the bumper. That's w/ fun bumpers. When we are working, of course she waits her turn.
    You are in a tough spot w/ your boy. 7 & 8 are hard yrs for most working dogs. The mind says "go" but the body is starting to say "not so fast". Add in his injuries, & oh man, it must suck to be him. Are joint supplements of any help? I have an older male w/ poor hips that I put of Cosequin & it gave him another yr or 2 of activity that I don't think he would have had otherwise.
  2. Hi Beamer, Sorry I didn't think to look for a reply from you here. As a Jr member I guess I can't reply to private messages until I make a certain # of posts. Anyway, you are mistaken. I have only advertised my girl's 1st litter on this site....never posted any stories. I'm not much of a forum user. My 1st breeding female drown in a stupid accident horseplaying w/ my other dogs 4 yrs ago. I had, in fact, lined up a breeding w/ Pal for her, but lost her before she came in heat. I wanted another female, so had my current girl, Jane, flown in from Washington state. She is currently running Finished in the HRC, & needs 2 more passes for her Senior Hunter title, but after having her 1st litter 18 months ago she had her head on backward for the entire hunt test season last yr. Thank God she got it together for January, when she took her 3rd 2 week long duck hunting trip to Okeechobee in FLA (I have a buddy down there).
  3. Hi Beamer81, I am asking $1000/pup. 2 of the 6 males are spoken for. I am located in Gardiner, Maine, a short distance from the state capitol of Augusta. Nice brown dog as your avatar. Kennebec
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