Conversation Between BonMallari and Tommy Wallace
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Conversation Between BonMallari and Tommy Wallace

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  1. Did not have room for all of it.
    I just cannot imagine doing someone like that. Not giving them time to get another stud. No nothing. Is this type of attitdue common with Pro trainers & breeders. I have already been screwed 3 times with breeders that I thought would never happen. Is there any good dog people out there?

    Hope you been doing good Bon

  2. Bon,
    How are you doing?
    I was wanting to ask you a question. I know you have been here for a while & you & your brother have been doing this for a while & I was wanting to ask if you have ever had a problem with this or if it is just me. I was under the understanding with a stud owner to do a breeding to my female. Had tried a breeding a year ago & it did not take. planned to do it again as soon as she came back in. She did come in & I contacted the guy everything seemed ok. We had to do AI because of his location. I set up with vet to do progesterones to set time. We do 2 progesterone test & decide on time. Have been trying to contact him since then with no result. I think I have called or emailed about 10 to 20 times with no results at all. No return call nothing. Well tomorrow is my last day to do breeding. I will miss this breeding.
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