Conversation Between Tollwest and Brooke11
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Conversation Between Tollwest and Brooke11

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  1. Hi Tollwest,
    I just read one of your old posts about a lab that you tried to FF incorrectly and that the dog never forgave you for that... I am in the process of training my 1.5 old yellow female and i have hit a snag.. She will pick up geese during training sessions in the yard but has yet to pick one up in the field. Everyone says that FF will fix my problem - however this dog is a bit sensitive to her feet (due to improper dew claw removal) and i fear that using an ear pinch method will cause her to 'never forgive me' as well. I just started working on the Hold technique and she has done that sucessfully (without FF technique) a couple of times now (just started this last night). She is a very bright dog and catches on fast. I am wondering if you, having delt with a dog that 'never forgave you', have any alternative methods to the toe hitch, ear pinch methods you could pass along to me... THanks in advance.
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