Conversation Between Nebraska Gundogs and Granddaddy
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Conversation Between Nebraska Gundogs and Granddaddy

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts and opinion on Boo.
  2. My first exposure to Boo was as a judge. Boo won the trial (Am stake 72 dogs). Very biddable at the line, sat quietly & stepped on 7 marks. His blind work was exceptional. Water work great, even with a cool early spring trial with cold water. I then kept notice of Boo while competing against him at several other trials, including the 2010 Nat'l which he won. I bred to Boo about 2 mos prior to that nat'l. Boo is good size, not too large 67-70#, not given to too much excitement yet very stylish, smart & courageous even on long cross-wind water marks. I have a Boo pup from my MH/QAA female. My pup got a 4th in his 1st FT entry at 17 mos - a qualifiying stake, he has since rec'd 3 derby JAMs out of 4 entries. My pup is very good looking, larger than Boo (75#), a good marker, loves the water, is quiet & intelligent. He is a little weak on long all-age water marks at this point but considering he is only 23 months I have great expectations for his FT success.
  3. I was told you have a Boo pup. Maybe its not a pup anymore. But I was wondering what you thought of it. We are thinking about breeding our FC/AFC Joeys Zoom Zoom/Ram grand daughter to him. We understand that the female has a lot to do with what you get out of the litter. But what does or did Boo bring to the table for you to chose him as a sire?

    Thanks for any input.

    Take care
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