Conversation Between canuckkiller and trog
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Conversation Between canuckkiller and trog

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  1. 5 July '12

    I apologize ... I didn't see your response to mine until this morninmg
    under "notifications" ... never saw this before and never used it.


    Check out southwings litter under Lab Puppies. Neely Raper, Rome, GA.
    has a nice litter down from your dog and my bitch TAR. I'd like to get
    a female, but haven't committed.

    I know about what you did for Vern when Abe was lost. I will always remember that!!

    If I come back to Madison, I want to see you again -

    My Best -

    Bill Connor
  2. thanks for the message - remember the trial like it was yesterday - youngster just starting out - stayed the whole week on grounds committee - have a picture of Charlie Hayes, Joanie william, Bob Sabban, Nora and Howard Larson - think you would remember all of them - thanks for the message he was not a super star in trials as we used to call him "last bird Joe" - hardly ever went out until last series but always found a way to mess up last bird
    Vern was a very special person - was with him at his last trial with a derby dog - think you co owned it and then when to GA to pick him up after Abe
    died - that was a drive home with Mary H and him talking about the "old days"
    thanks again
    still can't forget Herb Walsh
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