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Conversation Between davewolfe and SlaySession15

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  1. I usually teach hear first with a check cord and reinforce with a collar. Then I teach hold, starting by getting the dog hold my gloved hand. then move on to bumper and birds. Then move to ff. Then you have some tools. If the dog learns that he has to come to you when you call no mater what. I didn't ff my first dog, but knowing what I know it a lot easer ff out of the gate for me and the dog. You will have a tool to use to build the rest of your training on.

    We are training Monday Tuesday and Thursday starting at 500. Come over and we can help you out.
    The kcrc club is having a super single trial on Saturday the 13 in Centerview if interested

    David Wolfe 660 281 3102
  2. Hey Dave, Sorry I haven't been on here in awhile but I am in need of some advise. I have my now year old Nelli in training and I want to further him into a started retreiver and not waste something that has so much potential. He loves to retreive and thats great but he has a hard time bringing it back to me! Is there a way that I can get him to bring it back to me? I praise him a lot and its like he hates that he'd rather me throw another bumper than be praised. and also do you recommend force fetching? I have not FF him yet but just need to see what your thoughts were. Thank you!
  3. David wolfe here
    were training all the time, better join us. give me a call 1 660 381 3102
  4. Hey Dave its nice to meet you. I would love to come down and talk to you when it gets warmer I'm just starting out training my pup will really pick it up once goose season is over with but I have talked to my vet we are trying a few things. I have contacted the vet school also I handle all their fleet work and they have gave me a few ideas as well.
  5. I just wanted to interduce myself. I'm David Wolfe, I live in Sedalia Mo. We have a nice training group and great grounds if you every want to come over to train give me a call 660 281 3102. Also I would talk to a vet about your dogs eating problem, the vet school is a great resourse. might be a bit pricey.
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