Conversation Between Kim Pyle and DMavs
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Conversation Between Kim Pyle and DMavs

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  1. Sorry- fixed the permissions.
  2. Can't access those...takes me to yahoo login.
  3. Remembered that I had these, scanned from some old photos. Magee- and Ace- .
  4. Hey Jim, thank you for the pic and video. That is so neat...I remember Ace very well! I too have a YLF from the last litter he had before he passed away. Her name is Daisy. She is beautiful and has such a sweet disposition. I get so many compliments on her coat and how friendly she is, she truly is a pretty girl.

  5. Hey Kim-
    Saw one of your posts on this forum. Thought you might enjoy this. Here is one of your grandpa's dogs- Ally- who just turned 13 in January. Her parents were Magee and Ace. Picked her up in Alvin- in 2000.

    Fantastic girl- and still going strong, Though, she's slowing down these days. Perfect temperament- real sweet, gentle especially with kids and animals, and, loves to retrieve (though I try not to tempt her with her dummy too much anymore). Think there is a guy on 2coolfishing who has one of her younger relatives- that's more reddish in color.

    here's a pic link-

    and an old video from when she was ~8 or so-

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