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  1. I sent your question about the Euk food vs the info on the website to their Chief Nutritionist, Dr Eric Altom. Here is his response. Hope this helps:

    Good catch.* Here is the rest of the story.
    The data on the Nutritional Objectives lists our “formula targets”.* These are the specific nutrient targets I would require in the finished product.* The nutrient values on the bag are the product GA.* These are the minimum nutrient level in the product.* If the diet does not meet these minimum nutrient targets, then it is not saleable products.* Therefore, the minimum GA listed on the bag are always going to be lower that the formula nutrient targets and the finished product specs.
    For Eukanuba large breed puppy, the nutrients “in the bag” are 27% protein, 15% fat, 0.8-0.9 % calcium and 0.7% Phosphorus.
    I know this can be very confusing at times.* Please let me know if additional details are needed.* EKA
    Eric K. Altom, Ph.D.│Senior Nutritionist - P&G Professional Pet
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