Conversation Between KevinsKennels and Jeff Brezee
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Conversation Between KevinsKennels and Jeff Brezee

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  1. The event for tomorrow was canceled due to the snow/ice conditions. This weather has been horrible this year. I've had to take a break from my normal regimen because my dog cut one of his pads about 3 weeks ago, had to let it heal. Yesterday we finally got out and did some drills on the road to build his stamina back up. In April we have another Informal, not sure yet as to when, the date has been changed. It's either on the 13th or the 20th. The website should be updated, otherwise notify me again and I'll let you know.
  2. Kevin, SMHRA is also having an informal test (practice) on March 23rd. More details will be forthcoming on the website when they are available in the next few days. It usually costs about $10 unless you join the club, then it is free. You can earn a ribbon in either Junior/Senior/Master if you run it like a test. Void the ribbon if you choose to have your dog wear an e-collar, they are pretty laid back with everyone just getting ready for the Hunt Test season.
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