Conversation Between Didley and waller1
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Conversation Between Didley and waller1

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  1. Hey, I know I already invited you up to train when I get back from Afghanistan, but also man don't go out and buy everything under the sun this season. I just started duck hunting about 4 years ago when I bought my first Roux puppy. I got a lease up in the MS delta, I know license can get expensive but your also welcome to come along one weekend after I get back and we will shoot some ducks. If you can make it up to the south MS training day I would reccomend it. Ms Karen from PHRC is also a member of south MS, also there are some good guys in that club, I am going to rejoin when I get home, as well as join PHRC and maybe even lower alabama. I saw where you said your going to school on GI bill, what branch were you in, and where you going to school at ? That Hillman DVD was too expensive for me to buy. I bought a used copy of Evn Graham Smartworks on here.
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