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    Casting with a Disability

    I presently cannot lift/move my arms above my head or even to shoulder level. I may be able to at some point be able to use my left arm above shoulder level but it looks like this will not be...
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    I was strongly advised a few years ago by a vet...

    I was strongly advised a few years ago by a vet and a dog physical therapist that i should use a pinch collar since it was actually much safer than a choke collar. The choke exerts pressure on one...
  3. Settle Bet: How much is too much ground cover?

    I would like some input on a bet I had with a friend as we were training our dogs for Junior Hunter tests. I contend that brushy cover that is taller than the dog is too high for retrieving a bumper...
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    Introducing puppy to Retrievers

    I'm looking for any shared experiences and corresponding suggestions on introducing a puppy into a home with a retriever that has a strong hunting pedigree. The existing retriever is well mannered...
  5. Sticky: We will pray for you and Ace!!

    We will pray for you and Ace!!
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