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  1. Thread: Ff ???

    by canadahunter61

    Ff ???

    So we just started FF last night. I am new to training hunting dogs but not dogs. My BLM fought the glove hand all the way. This morning a little better tonight about same. Question is... when...
  2. I have one of his pups. He is a 6mo BLM. He is...

    I have one of his pups. He is a 6mo BLM. He is a great dog. Good temperament and so easy to train. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I have trained police dogs in past. This is first real...
  3. Retriever Training Club in Central Illinois

    I live in the Champaign Illinois area. I am looking for a Retriever training club close to me. Any one know of any????
  4. Yeah there good ones Just it is new so I will...

    Yeah there good ones Just it is new so I will use the other sell this one.
  5. (IL) Tri-Tronic Sport Basic G3 EXP Combo Pack

    I have a brand new Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 EXP Combo Pack. This has 3 collar straps. Red, black, and blue. Long and short contacts. Charger port and cord. Transmitter and receiver. Manual,...
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    Tri-Tronic Tracer Light

    I was looking at the new 550 and one of the selling points was the flashing light on the receiver. We hunt public hunting and in the dark walk in that would be real nice. The 550 alone looks top of...
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    2" or 4" bumpers

    I am ordering some training supplies. Looking for bumbers. I see there are different kinds but most have a option of the 2" smaller ones or the 4" larger ones. My pup is almost 6 months old. We...
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    I am using Chris Akin Duck Dog Basics

    I am using Chris Akin Duck Dog Basics
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    First time retreiver trainer here

    I have trained sveral police dogs for drugs ands bomb work. Trying my hand at my first Duck dog. So far he is 5 mo old and has mastered the set )verbal and Whistle), fetch on his name, here (unless...
  10. Thoughts and prayers

    Thoughts and prayers
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    General questions....

    I just put my 12 1/2 year old lab Nestle down. What a hard thing that was to do. Still cry when I think about her. I could get a new pup now but I travel for work every Wednesday thru Monday from...
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