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    training sequence questions

    OK I just finished watching Lardy's CC video. I have watched Basics and Advanced also. Here is what I have and would like some advice. I have a 5 month old lab. We are currently working thru...
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    To early?

    I have 18 week lab that we had out of our litter. He comes from an excellent line and is a great dog...very hard charger at a young age. I have been working basic obedience: heel on a lead, sit,...
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    Keeping a pup out of my litter

    I had a question and need some help. We recently had a litter and will be keeping a male pup. We obviously own the mother of the pup and I wanted to make sure that I don't cause any training...
  4. Good values, good family, no cussing, doing what...

    Good values, good family, no cussing, doing what I wish I could do and making money at it. Best of luck...he is a blessed man and the show is much better than any other reality t.v. Also, it may...
  5. Now I'm happy!

    Now I'm happy!
  6. I have one black female from Gotta-B-Woodford...

    I have one black female from Gotta-B-Woodford which is the son of "Chopper" look at the classifieds if you are interested. Black female is the only one left.
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    Remote Launchers

    I was wondering if anybody could give some input on what launcher is the best for an individual training. I was looking at the gunners up or the zinger winger. I will be buying 2 plus the...
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