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  1. Bumper boy help

    I also have some BB that need some help. Missing 2 speakers, need batteries, but they seem to be soldered on and I am not sure how to replace them. If this site for BB help gets started - count me in...
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    Thank you Scott

    I love working with young dogs; but I do not hunt and I will compete in HT, but it is not what I want to do. I prefer to just work with the dog. I also love my dogs - but I will sell them, NOT...
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    FF for a beginner:

    Just another thought: If you are thinking about doing ff yourself - there is a great Bill Hillmann training dvd just on FF.
    You may want to check into that. Hillmann has a very "soft" approach...
  4. I have started many puppies and have had great...

    I have started many puppies and have had great success with the Hillmann Puppy video. Regarding the sit - nick concern: Mr. Hillmann is "reinforcing" a command (sit) before the puppy makes a mistake....
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    It looks like you and your puppy are "having fun"...

    It looks like you and your puppy are "having fun" and that is excatly what the Hillmann method is all about.
    Have fun - but teach at the same time.
    Good for you!
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