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  1. Bill Hillmann Comments on Dennis’ 25 Essential Drills DVD

    Bill Hillmann has just posted his comments on Dennis’ new DVD on his Facebook page. Many of you follow Hillmann’s DVDs so you will find his views interesting.

    look up Bill Hillmann Dog Training...
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    new Dennis Voigt DVD?

    Just heard that Dennis Voigt has a new DVD coming out called 25 Essential Drills For Retriever Training. Suppose to include a field guide too. Suppose to be out in November. Guess I know what I...
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    Training with Mike Lardy Volumes

    I just received my new Training with Mike Lardy Volumes 1-4. The articles were updated and the quality of the new book is great. Thank you YBS Media for such quick service. On my doorstep 2 days...
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