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  1. For Sale: "Wineglass Kennels" - Beautiful Area, Central Mississippi

    40 Acres, fenced; 2 ponds (appx. 2 acres) with access to man-made water well. Dog kennel - concrete/covered & fenced with 8 kennel areas. (Room for expansion) Fenced exercise area.
    Kennel Office -...
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    Interested in Central Mississippi - ? Give me a...

    Interested in Central Mississippi - ?
    Give me a call: Connie Morrow: 601-955-5817
  3. Consider Mississippi -?

    Think about using my land and water in Mississippi. Great place for training.
  4. Train In Tranquility : "The Southern Way"

    Rent or Lease: Location-Middle of Mississippi; Electronic gate entrance located .25 mile from easily accessable Interstate.
    40 Acres Country Setting; 2 Ponds w/private water well;...
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