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    WOW!! That is wonderful news with both Julie and...

    WOW!! That is wonderful news with both Julie and Stamp and Prue and Joy. Wish we could have been there to cheer you on. Hope you can post a picture. Sounds like you have both had a great finish...
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    Bill Eckett was 27 when he won the National Open...

    Bill Eckett was 27 when he won the National Open with the first yellow lab to win and the first Canadian owner, Guenther Rahnefeld who just recently passed away.
  3. Is there a difference in trial handling vs handling in training

    We think there can be a difference. Whether you train your dog yourself or if it is on a pro truck and you occasionally have your dog home and work with it; this seminar will cover situations you...
  4. Benefit Seminar for Retriever Building and Endowment Fund

    Bill Eckett and Bobby George of Blackwater Retrievers will be conducting a benefit seminar with all profits going to the fund that supports the Retriever Hall of Fame. This handler seminar will...
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    RE: Line breeding Duke, Bart, Rudy

    We noticed a thread on line breeding. Even though we have been in the retriever game,
    training and breeding dogs for over 30 years, we certainly would not consider ourselves
    experts. Our...
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