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    Use your e collar and walk the dog around the...

    Use your e collar and walk the dog around the chickens using the leave it command with a nick. Do this for several days and when the dog shows no more interest, you are probably safe. Our labs and...
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    Snake Avoidance Clinic - Texas

    Diamond W Kennels, located between Austin and San Antonio, will be having a Snake Avoidance Clinic on Saturday, May 29th, between 9AM and 1PM. You may call 830-833-1291 or 210-260-9469 for...
  3. This is a reason why field trials, hunt tests,...

    This is a reason why field trials, hunt tests, etc. cannot be televised or get much news coverage. People that hunt will not have a major problem with this, but the general public will. I think that...
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    Bumper Boy Ammo

    I was simply giving my experience with the product and what I have noticed over the years ---- If you or anyone else thinks differently or has a different experience its ok with me---I am not sure...
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    Bumper Boy Ammo

    I have been using BB's for a long time---(years) and never had any major problems but use only the reccommended ammo---You can get it at BB-online or at Cabelas---If you use the ones for construction...
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    Cabelas Collars

    Made for Cabelas by Innotech in China---If you want the best buy a TT---If you do not need a mile range look at the Sport Basic from TT---It is simple to use , has a 1/2 mile range and is sold for I...
  7. Sport Basic

    The difference is that the Sport Combo is three (3) collars in one---The button configuration can be changed on the Combo so it can be different---The Basic is the same all the time, is I think...
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    If you want a collar that is durable, has a great warranty, if you ever have a problem, and is still made in America, you only have one choice, TT , which in my opinion is the finest one out there---
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