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    8 Hole Dog Trailer

    Older 8 hole Deerskin trailer. Not certain the exact year as the previous owner did not know. It has served as a great start up trailer and could do the same for someone else. Would also be great for...
  2. (WI) FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab's Downtown Dusty Brown MH x THE BLAST's Winning Streak MH!

    A fantastic all yellow litter of 10 born on 08/18/14!! I am pleased to be posting this litter as this is a rare opportunity for someone to own a Dusty puppy!

    Sire: FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab's...
  3. (WI) Candlewoods Boss Man At Rockin X MH x "Remi JH"! 6 Yellow Pups remain!!

    Exceptional litter of 9 pups born on 07/29/14. 6 pups still remain: 3 Ylw Males and 3 Ylw Females. I am helping my client sell this litter

    Sire: Candlewood’s Boss Man at Rockin X MH (NAFC FC...
  4. Training Grounds Near Town Creek, Alabama

    I am traveling to Town Creek, Alabama to Judge the UFTA Quail Nationals. Therefore I am bringing a truck of dogs to train from Feb 14th to Feb 28th and will end my trip at the North Alabama Hunt...
  5. Need to get a pup from WI to GA or FL in a week or so!


    Looking to see if any pros or their helpers are heading out on January 5th or a little after, that would be willing to take a puppy down. Pup was sold to Fort Myers, Florida but the new owner...
  6. Congrats Kim and Luna! FYI My Winnie (THE BLAST's...

    Congrats Kim and Luna! FYI My Winnie (THE BLAST's Winning Streak) from Cooper and Sugar got her 1st Master Pass this past weekend. Not bad for 18 months!

    Keep up the good work!
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    I am with a couple of you guys on here. A true...

    I am with a couple of you guys on here. A true upland dog can quarter a field, flush the game, grab it immediately and run back just as fast as they go out for hours on end. In the BDC tournaments we...
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    Info on FC AFC Downtown Buster Brown

    I know Buster is owned by Charles Bearden and I think Charles is in Texas. I am looking to get his info so I can find out stud info for a female of mine and about pups out of buster. Anyone have a...
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