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  1. Hello and thANKS for the reply. I would be...

    Hello and thANKS for the reply. I would be interested in training in the future. My pup is only 10 wks now and we are working on basic obedience. 2 days a wk would be tough for me as I own a small...
  2. LaMist Kennels

    Thanks Chris and to all that have responded. I am indeed referencing Dobbs book as well as Woodyard. I guess it would be called DObb's method then but never referred to as such in the book. I have...
  3. New to forum. Looking for Tri-tronics trainer in Rochester New York area

    Hello does anyone know of anyone training with the Tri-tronics method in the Rochester NY area. Have a new pup and my previous trainer is no longer around. Appreciate any help.
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