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    help. pup quit retrieving.

    Well, my 4 month old ylf who was retrieving crazy has now decided shed trather run around with the bumper and see if ill chase than work. Its happened 3 training sessions in a row. Each time I've...
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    A Little Kennel help.

    OK guys. Well, Ms. Dixie seems to be pretty well crate trained and housebroken, and I need to step up and buy her a larger kennel. There are a million brands and whatnot. is one better than the...
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    I'm new, but I'm pretty sure we are talking about...

    I'm new, but I'm pretty sure we are talking about labs who go "terrier" on us and go after feces like a fat kid on cake.
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    Ms. Dixie is here!

    Well, she finally arrived on Wednesday. I couldn't be any happier. She is a healthy, happy, ball of energy. yips a bit in the kennel when i first put her in, but she is quickly discovering it only...
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    Introducing new puppy to older dog

    Well, Thursday we pick up our new 8 wk old yellow "Dixie". She will be coming to a home that has a 10 year old female jack russel that is very protective and jealous. "Bandera"(the jack russel...
  6. Feeding a new pup with an older dog who free feeds.

    Ok guys.

    I have a new pup on the way, and I am a little worried about how to handle the feeding process with my other dog. If the little one is anything like my last lab, she will NOT be able to...
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