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    Wanted - DUCK SUPPLIER

    I am located in south GA and looking for a duck supplier (approximately 750 birds for the winter season). Please send me your leads. Thanks
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    New Directions to Tallokas Grounds

    Due to the heavy rain we are recommending that people use Tallokas Road to get to the grounds. Tallokas Rd intersects GA Highway 122 approximately 5 miles east of Pavo. Routes to all stakes will be...
  3. Anouncement Regarding the Qualifying Stake at the TALLOKAS FT

    Due to the high number of entries in the minor stakes at the Tallokas field trial, the club has added two more judges to the slate. Marshall Dunaway and Lindy Dewert will be judging the qualifying...
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    I have a 3 year old female that suddenly lost her...

    I have a 3 year old female that suddenly lost her hearing. We took her to a hearing specialist who said she had no problems with her ears ie infection, mytes, damage. He did say that her ears...
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