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  1. Headed to St. Louis and surrounding areas

    I'm currently on FTP on my 3 year old BLM (just started the TRT program, late i know) and have been training him nearly everyday the past couple months. Now I have to head west to Saint Louis for...
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    Lardy e-collar conditioning

    I am almost through with simple casting and about ready to start e-collar conditioning per the TRT program. Lardy uses a TT pro 100 in his training video because it has 3 different levels of...
  3. Thread: Lardy TRT

    by Cttayl02

    Lardy TRT

    I just started training my lab from the Lardy TRT video, we have started force fetching and are ready to move on to the ear pinch. My question is, if i follow this dvd set (TRT), is there anything...
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    Male or Female

    I'm fairly new to the forum and haven't seen a thread about this since I have been here but I'm sure there has been one.

    I have a male black lab who was fixed at 6 months old that i have trained...
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    I live in Richmond, ky it's in the central part...

    I live in Richmond, ky it's in the central part of the state. Do you know of any places close by? Would it be worth gettig the lardy DVD set and trying to train him from that since he is already 3?
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    He does not hold the bird, he brings it back and...

    He does not hold the bird, he brings it back and drops and I have lost a couple crippled birds due to that. He knows hand signals but I feel like he doesn't trust me all the time because he doesn't...
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    3 year old lab, what to do

    I have a 3 year old lab that i trained since he was a puppy. I bird hunt him with quite a bit in the fall and winter and he does great for what i ask of him. We hunt ducks, geese, doves, and go out...
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