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    Year old BLM. Training advice.

    I have a 1 yr old male who loves to retrieve. I had him out In ND with me on a duckhunting trip and he did pretty well. (I usually had to throw a rock if he didn't see it) I guess my question is...
  2. When i say collar conditioned, i mean that he has...

    When i say collar conditioned, i mean that he has had it on for weeks without using it and then worked with him using it with all of his commands. It seemed to be working well. like I said he did...
  3. Yes he is collar conditioned. When i give him a...

    Yes he is collar conditioned. When i give him a nik he ignores it. When i turn it up a little he drops the duck and comes back.
  4. Help! dog runs around after picking up duck.

    MY 1 year old BLM runs around in circles after picking up a duck. (sometimes as far as 100yards) I have had him on lots of live and dead birds in the yard and he has never done this. The first time...
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    Wild rose way.

    I have a male british lab and was just wondering if anybody out there has used this dvd?
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    Using two trainers.

    My job requires to work 12 hr shifts, therefore the days that I am working it will be hard for me to get the days training in. My question is, will it hurt to have my wife do some of the training on...
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    British pup.

    I will be getting a male british pup at the end of October. Just wondering what good books or dvd's are out there? Also was wondering if there were any recommendations for trainers in MN. Thanks....
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