This is a chilling story of a man who was born in a North Korean prison camp. Essentially, the guards there compelled two people to have sex to breed children who would then be "raised" by the guards in an isolated, brutal world.

Do take time to watch the videos. The journalist who (from what I gather wrote Shin's book for/with him) explains that Shin never knew there was anything different from the camp he lived in, since he was born there. And he escaped not for a "noble" pursuit, but because a newcomer to the camp told him that if he could get to China he could have grilled meat. It was this newcomer who also told Shin, for the first time, that the world was round! Shin had never heard of God, so the words love and mercy had no meaning for him. He notes that there were 20,000 people in Camp 14; and there are at least 6 such camps in North Korea. These camps have existed through 3 generations so far; about 12X as long as the Nazi concentration camps.