This article was not political in nature, but there are some insights into how a mechanic would fix and engine, and how one might fix an economy ...

I am endlessly fascinated by Timís ability to fix things. Mostly, he fixes machines. Over years of asking him how he does it, I have discovered a few of what I would call Tim Farminís Rules of Orderly Mechanics When a Machine in Broken:
1.) What are the symptoms?
2.) Have I ever encountered symptoms like these in other engines?
3.) If so, how did I fix these engines?
4.) How is the engine supposed to work when it is working perfectly?
5.) What are the mechanics by which the engine performs its work?
6.) What part of these mechanics does not appear to be working properly?
7.) In the past, what has been the procedure to fix these parts of the machine or the process?
8.) Can I do these steps again or replace those parts again to make the machine work?
9.) What are the smallest steps I can take to make the machine work well?
10.) If larger steps are required, are they worth the cost?
11.) How can I test whether my steps for fixing the machine have worked without making the problem worse?