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Thread: New Rule for JH ? NO collar at all

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    Bridget got punked Bridget got punked. lol
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    Guys, in order for this to work, you can't just come out and tell her!,,,,,,rookies

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    Quote Originally Posted by polmaise View Post
    Quiet though?...
    Glad you have a good sense of humor. How did you know that Doublehaul has vocal dogs?
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    I judge JH and SH an keep up with rule changes and have not seen or heard of this rule change. I don't believe this is a rule change. I would have gotten Hunt Test Committee involve as soon as I heard the this. Because they can call AKC Rep for their area anytime Monday-Sunday.

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    Every one seems to forget it is ultimately up to the club, it's members and most directly the Hunt Committee to ensure that the judges comply with the AKC rules and safety.

    From the regulations and Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers;

    Section 14. Hunting Test Committee. A club that has been granted permission by The American Kennel Club to hold a licensed or member Hunting Test shall appoint a Hunting Test Committee which will have com- plete responsibility for the planning and conducting of the event. The Committee shall be comprised of at least five members of the club and may include the Hunting Test Secretary, but the Hunting Test Secretary shall not be designated as the Hunting Test Committee Chairman. A majority of the Hunting Test Committee must be pres- ent during an AKC-licensed or member club Hunting Test. In the event of absence of Hunting Test Committee Members, the Chairman or an officiating officer shall appoint sufficient Committee Members in order to insure compliance with this Section.
    The Hunting Test Committee and Hunting Test Secretary shall be held responsible for compliance with all of the applicable Rules and Regulations for Hunting Tests, except those coming under the sole jurisdiction of the Judges, and must provide themselves with copies of the latest editions of these books.
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    She just said it, there was no junior at that test on Sunday and the judges were making a joke because the next day they were judging senior so no collar would be allowed........
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    OOOooo burn! They made that one stick for 3 days!!! Who were those judges? Kim, we need to get them. That beats the party favor kazoo goose call I saw last weekend. And all this time, I thought yankees didn't have sense of humor.
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    WELL ......I suppose that is possible...I will take my lumps...uh , yea Thanks Tim! I would swear that these judges were not kidding though, THEY could have been wrong though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow machine View Post
    Glad you have a good sense of humor. How did you know that Doublehaul has vocal dogs?
    My dogs are not vocal. They are highly trained to hunt Fulvous Tree Ducks, which everyone knows are hunted fair chase. If the dogs are not vocal, you cannot know when you have treed one.

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    Maybe we've all been punked? EE doesn't show Bridget entered in anything last weekend, LOL. Unless there are AKC events that don't use EE?
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