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Thread: How old before fetch

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    Default How old before fetch

    Hi I have a 3 month old choc lab. I am trying to teach him to fetch a paint roller with duck scent on it and I have a little trouble keeping him interested. He seems like he has ADD and anything from A to Z seems to deter him from focusing. I don't believe he's to young to train at this age but he may be. Maybe his size is throwing me off making me thing he's older. I'm not sure. But anyways I'm wondering if I need to give him some time off with the 10 min daily sessions or continue. He can sit lay stay (partially) and come but it's mostly treat driven. He knows when I'm empty handed. And tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated. And a training facility isn't in the budget. Thanks guys.

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    He's still a baby. Do not stop the sessions but realize his attention span is very short. 5 minute sessions are enough for now. In another 3 months they'll be longer. Just a couple of retrieves a day at this stage is plenty. Keep the retrieving part of it fun!!!
    Howard Niemi

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    You are trying to do to much to soon and expecting to much. I would suggest u get Bill Hillman DVD on puppy training. If u can't afford, there is lots written about his DVD and training techniques on this site. Do a search of "Hillman". Should give lots of information.
    Hillman starts at about ur dogs age. Only trains every 2d or 3d day. Focus initially is just to get him to chase something.
    This subject has had lots of previous responses in recent past. A search would give u lots of info.
    Wayne Nutt
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    Ditto on the Hillman. If you look for him on youtube he has a lot of videos posted.

    I also agree with Howard, keep it short and simple. Sit down in the evening and during a tv commercial pull out the roller and get him really excited about it and let him chase it once or twice down a hallway and then go back to your tv show with the roller right beside you so he can see it. Next commercial do the same thing building the drive. If he gets to it and isn't interested pick it up and call it a day. He'll be crazy about it soon enough.
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    Ok thanks guys

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    I am no expert by any means but am in the same situation as you with a three month old pup. I am following the Hillman training but the thing I learned with my first couple of dogs is reading the dog. This new pup has a GREAT pedigree but was not ready to move on in Hillmans progress. Initially he wanted to explore versus retrieving. I didn't sweat it and moved at his pace. It took me over two weeks to complete the first week of Hillman's progress and now my pup is well balanced and loves to retrieve. I worked very little with obediance until he developed the love for retrieving. It all is clicking this week and we are moving forward slowly. Do not put a time limit on when your dog is ready to be trained or should be doing certain things by a certain age. Read your dog and make it fun right now. The rest will come if you build this foundation. Again I'm not an expert.....I just use the search function on here alot

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