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so what if you have a dog that isn't vocal till you are in the blind. You can't recreate the blind at home and they don't make noise at home, only in the blind. If you leave them at home they aren't learning to be quiet in the blind but if you bring them with you are driving your hunting buddies crazy.
You may have to go to the blind before the season, if you really can't get the noise to happen at home.

I recently had a handler tell me her dog, who was really noisy in the water, wouldn't make noise on land. Took me about 2 minutes to get her to bark in a land drill (the dog, not the handler). Handler dealt with the issue on land and was supposed to transition that to water. I'm not sure she ever really did though, because I'm not sure the handler really understood the cause and solution beyond doing what she was instructed.

If you can figure out the cause, you can trigger the behavior in other environments and deal with it by correcting/not rewarding it, and then rewarding quiet.