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Thread: "Aversives": A little something for the newer trainer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy M View Post

    good trainers frequently shape the final behaviour in small approximations; if the dog is showing stress signals such as barking, yawning etc, then the trainer is trying to change the behaviour in a much too big a leap.

    Statements like this and people who think like that are the chief reason I'm pointing out to people that "aversive" is a matter of opinion among trainers (and the general public).

    Be careful how you define what's good in training.

    In some worlds, keeping a dog under threshold constantly will have disastrous results.

    Bomb dogs that dig out of frustration blow people up. Duck dogs that bark out of frustration flare birds. Patrol dogs that bite their handler out of frustration hospitalize people.

    We're not all teaching fluffy to roll over.

    If you never put the stress on the dog in training, you never know how they'll react when the environment is out of the handler's control.
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