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Thread: Breeder brag

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    Default Breeder brag

    Just got a text from a buyer of the last litter and his 10.5 month old male Chipper just qualified for the Shed Dog World Nationls. This is a littermate to Woody that I posted the other day on his first goose hunt. Not sure what all that involved but sounds like a great accomplishment. The text says "He found 6 sheds in 6 min 56 seconds"
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    That is cool. Been seeing different things about the competitions lately.

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    WOW thats awesome!!!
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    Way cool! These dogs are so versatile it is really cool when I hear about accomplishments outside of retrieving birds.
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    thanks dave !!! chipper did a awesome job it was the first event he has ever run in . i was a little nervous of how he would be with all the other dogs around and all the excitement, on top of that Saturday morning i felt horrible so amy ran him in the event , to qualify the dog had to find all 6 sheds within a 15 minute time frame and bring them back to hand chipper got it done in 6 minutes and 56 seconds with one bring back that he dropped the shed so he probably could have even done it faster ! none the less we went hoping that he would just get experience in a event like this and thought he had a chance to find the 6 in 15 minutes guess he showed us ! he is a very special dog and on top of that my best buddy !! now we have until april to get him ready to run in the world shed dog competition very excited for that ...thanks so much for a amazing pup !scott

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