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Thread: First Heat

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    Hunt test could not put my female into heat, the think that worked was I scheduled her hip and elbow x ray. She was one week shy of 27 months old. I'm hoping she is a once a year girl.


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    Mine came in for her first time in April. Vet noticed this weekend that she's starting to swell a little. She's scheduled to run HT 9/28 and 9/29. Imagine that! Looks like it'll be just me and my male going to Ruston. Maybe he'll get to sleep in that king size bed with his Daddy that weekend. Gotta get my money's worth of that $50 nonrefundable pet deposit that HI Express is charging me. We'll leave the girls home to bond that weekend.

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    Ours is normally in the 14-18 month range. Have one that her first was 22 months, second heat was 8 months later (had a litter of 9). I LOVE the once a year girls since I tend to have at least 2 bitches in the house...the every 6 months ones suck then. But if they don't take, you have another whole year to wait (NOT good when they are older girls and time is "limited") vs the every 6 month girls...darned if you do and darned if you don't.
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