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Thread: Bumper boy servo question

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    Default Bumper boy servo question

    I have a bumper boy servo that's acting up on me and I suppose it just needs replacing, but I wanted to throw the problem out there and see if anyone has ran across it in the past.

    basically the servo has begun cycling the opposite direction. Instead of cycling counterclockwise and triggering the firing pin it rotates clockwise. Now here's the kicker. If you set it up and fire it, the servo rotates the wrong way, reload and fire again, again it goes the wrong way, but it "bottoms out" so to say on the opposite side of the shooter base. After if fails twice, if you reload and fire again it swings all the way round and fires the bumper though....

    Im just assuming its gone crazy because it has this crazy cycle of 2 misfires then a good shot, but also every other servo does a double tap when firing. It only supplies one good push whether clockwise or counterclockwise.

    Intellects of RTF, I summon your suggestions! Thanks for the advice
    Rusty Champion

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    Not any help for the "sick" one but I think they all "double tap." as you describe. I remember from testing mine on various occasions when they were unloaded. Hearing the servo move twice. I know if you use the BB controls on various wingers you have to reverse the wires going to the wingers servo if the servo goes backwards. Of course if you haven't changed anything that's not it.

    Not the easiest but surest way would be to switch out the bad servo with a good one on another BB and see if the problem follows the servo or is something else. May just be a loose connection. I think sometimes the pins in the plugs move and don't make a good connection.

    The BB servo is self centering for lack of a better term, so after you cycle it the wiring drives it back to center. Maybe that's not happening.

    They used to sell a retired gun unit. A servo that drove in one direction as long as you pushed the button. If you let up then pushed the button again it would rotate the other direction.

    BB used to tell you to buy a servo to have on hand for "testing."
    John Lash

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    Mine has done that in the past. What is usually wrong is the wiring harness is not plugged in solid and not making good contact.

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    Similar to timn here also.
    It was the wiring harness. I had been a bit heavy handed with it loading and reloading, the harness got 'bashed' against the bar (mine is the four bumper boy) ,exact same symptoms as you describe.
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