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Thread: Switching to bumpers

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    Default Switching to bumpers

    Hi all, long time lurker, but since I got a pup a few weeks ago and I am training him myself, I decided to join up and pick your minds.

    I am following the Smartworks system by evan graham and I just have a few questions.

    Right now my dog is 11 weeks old, has sit down pretty good. Come is good and heel is coming right along.

    We do some fairly short retrieves with paint rollers in the yard, but I want to know when do I switch him over to actual bumpers?

    Also, which bumpers are generally recommended?

    Thanks for the input.

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    From 11 weeks until about 18 weeks I mixed it up. There were days my pup would go after anything and some days he would go to the bumper and look at it. I would then throw a paint roller and he would retrieve it. I just chalked it up as his mouth was hurting and the paint roller felt better. I bought a mixed bag on the bumpers. I have lucky dog, dt, and dokken. As a pup he always carried the lucky dog the best. Now (7months) he is bringing back what ever I throw, but for some reason the dokken is his favorite. It must just be fun for him.
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