An incumbent Congressman in the 1st District of Alabama (Mobile) has resigned, requiring a special election. Quinn Hillyer, who was previously a Congressman during the Clinton years, is on the ballot.

I never heard of him before, but stumbled across this article on American Spectator. Interesting reading. The author of the article is a personal friend and presents that Hillyer is a true conservative with common sense who doesn't pull any punches. He gives the following example of Hillyer's straightforwardness:

Remember the Todd Akin disaster? The Missouri GOP Senate candidate who managed to get himself tangled in a tangle over the issue of rape? Immediately jeopardizing what had appeared to be a sure GOP victory? The question surfaced instantly and urgently: Should Akin stay — or go? Some conservatives looked not unlike that proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Hemming and hawing. Not Quin. He shyly titled his piece: “Todd Akin Should Get the Bleep Out.”
And began it by saying:
Today is the deadline for Todd Akin to exit the U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Obviously, he isn’t going to do so. If he doesn’t, and he then loses, he should never be allowed in polite company again. The country is more important than one man’s attempt at vindication for his own sheer stupidity, ignorance, and insensitivity.
That’s Quin. Nothing shy, always passionate and completely unwilling to pull punches when in fact plain talk is needed. This is a quality that is badly needed in Congress, not to mention the conservative movement and the Republican Party.