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Thread: Training Video Suggestions

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    Default Suggestion

    Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock have 3 good dvd's. They are the 2 best trainers around. Take a look at there dvd's you won't be disappointed

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    I agree with Cuttem'. Their new one, Retriever Training Force Fetch , takes you from Hold thru collar conditioning
    with the same dogs who are doing all the tasks for the first time.
    Basics and Problems & Solutions are also excellent.
    Judy Aycock spent years with Rex Carr who is the " Everything" for all we do.
    She and Danny Farmer do a great job
    teaching and training people and retrievers! You can get their DVD's at:
    Best of luck with your dogs!
    Sylvia McClure
    Retrieve a Cure

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    Stawski's Fowl Dogs Series is a great resource. Something you will utilize now and in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChessieMom View Post
    My husband and I are looking for suggestions on training videos... We have an 8 mos. old male Chessie pup. We do have the 10 Min. retriever book and others specific to Chessies and have done a beginning formal obedience class with him, but think a video might be helpful too. We're not thinking of doing hunting trials with him, but would like to train him for duck/goose hunting and maybe agility. In the past, our dogs have been strictly family/ companion dogs (basic obedience) , so this is new territory for us to a degree, so I guess we'd need something for a beginner. Thanks!
    Training videos are a great way to start. They are always there for reference. It would also be great if you had a mentor to help you as well in case of snags and they will happen no doubt....IMO...You at least owe that to your dog.

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