Where were you???
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Thread: Where were you???

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    Default Where were you???

    When they attacked us?
    Terry and I were in Tulsa OK. on Don Yaw's farm setting up tests in preparation for the Master National. Stunned silence prevailed. We were fairly close to Tinker AFB and soon after we got word several AWACS planes roared off right over us- pretty chilling.
    NEVER Forget- or forgive regards
    There are three classes of people: those who see...those who see when shown...and those who do not see. - Leonardo da Vinci

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    Never, ever forget. Ever.
    I hope Usama Bin Laden was remembering too. When he heard those black hawks landing. And, when he heard those Seals coming up his stairs.

    I was home. I thought the first plane, oh no. What a terrible accident. When the second tower got hit, then...we all knew.
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    Yellowstone National Park, witnessing the magic of the Rut!

    We were actually in a geyser basin. (Devils Cauldron) When we came back to the parking area, a big crowd was gathered, talking about a plane flying into a building, and causing a collapse. I remember thinking... Yea right! Impossible.
    Our vehicle couldn't get radio reception.

    It was simply amazing how Park Officials handled Visitors at the gates.
    Everyone was stopped, licence plates recorded, a quick visual inspection of each car.
    Lines to get into, and out of the park were very long.

    The night of the attack,, most all typical intrest of going to a national park kinda came to an end.

    No one in fly shops were purchasing tackle or booking float trips.. Most all were glued to T.V.'s getting information.
    Bars and resturants the same way... people focused on T.V.'s Very quiet so as to be able to listen.

    You see all nationalities in national parks... Most all would show some sign of being emotionally upset..

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    Sitting in a Barber's chair getting my last ever haircut. Every Generation has one of those moments that they will never ever forget.
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    Working at U of MN, College of Veterinary Medicine. We have this room called the pink room, it was where the only tv was available.

    Little room we used to euthanize pets with the owners present. It was freaky to have all employees squished in there watching the towers falling knowing death was happening, and a few with family members in New York. It was very disturbing.

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    I was home in NY and immediately had a horrible feeling when I heard a plane had hit the WTC because it was such a beautiful clear day. Then when I heard the sound of a large plane flying low I cringed but I never dreamed it would be a second plane aiming for the towers. My heart goes out to all those that were affected in different ways that day and I hope some comfort could be found in the happier memories they have of their lost ones..

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    Dave & I were getting a litter of pups ready to go to the vet for their first shots. Saw a quick mention of a plane hitting one of the towers. At that time the thought it was a small private plane and that it was an accident. We drove the 20 minutes to the vet, heard another plane had hit and that it was a commercial airline, walked in with the puppies. We told the staff at the vet what we just heard and they turned on their radio. After we got home, we sat and watched as both towers burned, then saw them fall.

    It was unreal, yet very real at the same time.

    Never forget.
    When it stops being fun, I will find something else to do with my time and money.

    The Lady

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    I, and three of my friends, were on a flight from Austin to Dallas when the first plane hit. As we were getting off our flight, the second plane hit. We were supposed to connect to a flight to San Diego. Needless to say that didn't happen. DFW was shut down in a heartbeat. Police with dogs showed up out of nowhere. After a short time it was determined that all flights were grounded. Luggage from all the planes was off loaded and stacked on the terminals. Travelers were told to exit the terminal. It was quite a zoo but the organization was impressive. Rental cars were depleted. Cabs, etc. were impossible to get. They were even checking all the luggage, golf clubs, etc. leaving the airport with dogs and metal detectors. People were cordial and trying to help others. I didn't see anyone complaining even though most of these people were stranded.
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    I was at home watching ABC news. Called my brother. At the time he was working as an executive and they stopped their meeting. 9/11 changed the world for sure that day. Never forget!!
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    At work, no TV and the dial-up internet was overloaded and couldn't keep up. We got all our updates from a co-workers husband. They sent us home at 2. I will never forget.

    lesa c
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