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Thread: Where were you???

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    I had just finished clipping a show horse for the Grand National Morgan Horse Show... I had gone inside to catch a shower and get cleaned up for a funeral. and turned on the morning news... I was glued to the TV. On the way to the funeral, the first tower fell.....while in the funeral tower 2 came down. I remember being in disbelif. On the way home (from Stillwater OK to Edmond OK) we saw gas prices skyrocket to $7 per gallon. It was mind blowing.

    I hurried home as I had a new horse boarder coming in from Florida and wanted to be there to meet up with her. We also were near Tinker AFB, and walking outside that night and seeing absolutley zero planes in the air was surreal.
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    I heard the first report that an "accident" had occurred involving a small plane, as I pulled into my office parking lot. I worked alone and the other businesses in the complex were retail so had not opened yet. No radio, no TV, computer in use to work, so I did not know a thing. Until I called a client to ask a question about a deal I was working on for her. She answered the phone screaming that people were jumping! I immediately ran to my car and turned on the radio and joined the rest of the country in horror at what I learned.
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    I was elk hunting. I did not know for 3 days after it had happened. We stopped into a gas station in a small town to grab a few supplies and we saw it on a small tv in the gas station. It did not fully hit me until we got home what had happened.

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    I was driving to train for the Oklahoma Master National. I figured I better buy gas. The lines were down the block. Just as I was 2 cars from getting gas I realized I didn't have my wallet. I filled up anyway, and happened to run across somebody who I vaguely knew. She loaned me some money. The thought of our great land being attacked was overwhelming. It changed our lives forever. It also brought back a massive amount of patriotism.

    God Bless this Great Land!

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    I was getting ready to fly to NYC that morning. My guy I was supposed to meet called and said the "Crazy bastards" had attacked and to stay home. Just then the 2nd plane hit and the line went dead. It was a week before I finally heard from Doug and that he had managed to escape on a ferry with no wallet and just the clothes he had on. All of us in the office had friends or associates in the City and I'll never forget the look of terror and sorrow in their eyes as the news played out. Nor that empty feeling in my gut the first time I flew into the city and saw the hole where the towers had been. No, I can't forget that day. And we should not forget.

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    I was at home watching it unfold on TV. The bigest thing that struck me was not the towers falling. It was watching the F15 fighter jets flying over the city. I realized that those pilots were flying over NYC to protect us from further attack. We had been attacked on our own soil and those fighter jets were our only real defense.

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    I remember that day so well. Will and I were just getting ready to leave to drive to New York to pick up my new dog trailer when the first plane hit the WTC. We watched just a minute or two of the news coverage before leaving the house. We wondered if the “accident” was due to pilot error or mechanical failure. As we traveled, we heard the devastating news that yet another plane had hit the other tower of the WTC. I immediately called my Dad on my cell phone, wanting him to alleviate my fears from what the news announcers were calling possible terrorism. My mind just couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I remember the fear that I was feeling and a feeling of almost panic. I remember crying while I talked to my Dad. Dad expressed concern since we were headed to New York, but I told him we would not be going near NYC, but cutting across Pennsylvania to get to upper state NY.

    We continued to listen to the news on the radio. When the plane hit the Pentagon, I felt panic as I knew that my brother-in-law, Lt. Col Robert Larson, worked there. I remember desperately calling his phone numbers and not getting any response. I tried calling my Dad again, but, at this point, no calls were getting through on the cell phone.

    We stopped at the nearest rest station and walked into the Visitors’ Center. People were all gathered around several TVs that were in the front area. The expressions on their faces ranged from pure fear to rage. As we stood there, the first tower collapsed. Many of us exclaimed in total disbelief. We watched in horror. Other than the crying, there were no sounds that I could hear. Then, I heard the prayers.

    We stood there watching; not totally comprehending what was taking place. I wanted my family…. I prayed that I would be able to contact my Dad, my brother-in-law, any of them

    We then heard about Flight 93. “My God”, I remember saying, “That is not far from where we are”. What was happening??? Was there no place safe?? Phone lines were jammed and I couldn’t reach anyone. As we stood watching the television sets, I wanted to run, to hide, to escape the fear I was feeling.

    No one was moving from watching what was being shown on the TVs. It was as if the world had stopped for those minutes.

    We saw the second tower collapsed and realized that there would be few, if any, survivors….all of those people….gone in just minutes.
    I finally got through to my Dad and learned that my brother-in-law was safe, but that friends of his, both military and civilian, had been killed at the Pentagon. My heart ached for everyone involved and for our Country.

    I’ll never forget September 11, 2001. I don’t believe I will ever forget the range of emotions I felt that day either. I only hope that I can teach my grandkids and now my great-grandson the importance of that day. A day my generation will long remember; a day when we can recall vividly where we were and what we were doing. I fear that my grandkids and great-grandkid's generations will not have the same 'respect' for 9/11; kind of like my generation does not have the same 'respect' for Pearl Harbor as my parents’ generation has for that day in history.
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    At work. We had a TV and everybody stayed stuck to it all day.

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    Driving home from Steamboat Springs vacation. Radio reception is terrible in the mountains, so I didn't turn on the radio until I was out of the tunnel and on the way down to Denver. At first I thought "this is a new version of 'War of the Worlds' by Orwell being played on the radio". So I changed stations. and then Station after station had the same report. They couldn't all be doing it. So the truth and terribleness of it hit me all the way home.
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    Squad car, listening to the confusion on the FM radio. Then the horrific truth and the beginning of lockdowns. Forever changed the way we think/react.
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