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Thread: Where were you???

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    I was in my last semester at Auburn University and walked out of a class to see a bunch of people standing in a room with the news on...I asked what was going on and stepped in to watch the second plan hit....I will never forget
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    I was asleep (worked night shift) my dad called and woke me up wondering if I had been called in yet. He told me what was happening and I turned on the news. Got paged not too much later to come in and was standby with my team waiting for whatever might happen next. A very confusing time because nobody had any idea if it was over or just the stat of more attacks.
    Interestingly/coincidently we had trained a few months earlier on hostage rescue on commercial airliners.

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    In the coke yard at U.S. Steel shoe horning a 3306 back in a 966 Cat. Never forget that day.
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    I was in my truck, pulling into the parking lot at the horse barn when the radio mentioned a small plane had hit one of the towers. I went into the lounge and turned on the TV and watched in horror as a second plane hit, then later as the towers collapsed. All my barn help was there too....we were all stunned and in shock.

    At lunch, I went home and got out my American flag, usually hung out on appropriate holidays, and put it up in its place on the front of the house. Neighbors were doing the same.
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    Flew from NY to San Diego the day before doing a software implementation. Got to work around 5am PST and my wife called and told me about the first plane and while she was on the phone the second plane hit. I was following the events online and via phone.

    With no planes flying I was stuck in San Diego for the weekend and decided to drive to Las Vegas. Vegas was eery. The streets were pretty empty. People stuck there were not gambling. No one was coming in. The casinos shut down a lot of the games and some shows.

    Never forget. May God bless the USA!
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    I was a junior in high school. All we did that day was watch tv and freak out because my family couldn't get ahold of my brother who was in the Air Force in the Middle East at the time. I heard this a few days later and it gave me chills

    God bless!- Jamee

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    I just got off from my 7th and final night patrol of the rotation (Maryland State Police-Barrack "I" Easton-Field Operations Bureau). I was sitting on my sofa in the living room updating my patrol manuals with newly issued updates. I was watching the news and winding down for a nap to get rested up for some time off. I watched all of the tragic events unfold, called my wife and waited for the phone to ring. I spent the next 2 days on recall to work patrol/ security in the traffic around the Capitol Beltway and on standby. I will never forget. God Bless America.
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    On 9/11/01, I was a freshman at UT, having been there merely a month. All of us were still trying to figure out how to live on our own, how to be completely self-reliant, and how to deal with the new world we'd been thrust in.

    When we woke up that morning, we walked out to the common area and stared at the television, with smoke pouring out of the Pentagon and Twin Towers. We all looked at each other, trying to figure out how we should respond. Do we go to class? Do we call someone? Do we need to go somewhere else, to a safe place? We all made sure we had each other's cell phone numbers, and headed out to the academic buildings to figure things out.

    Most buildings had televisions setup in the lobbies, all tuned to news stations. Professors mostly cancelled class that day, but hardly anyone went back to the dorms. Most folks seemed to want to stay in public areas, watching the televisions and not talking much at all. I called home around midday and checked in. It was a very surreal day.

    Every generation has a day they'll never forget. Pearl Harbor, JFK assasination, Neal Armstrong's moonwalk, etc. My generation has 9/11.
    Brian Burress
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    I was coming into town on my way home from night shift at Firestone. I had stopped off at the store and got back into my truck and it started in over the radio, when I got home it was all over the news. I did not sleep all day and work was called off for two weeks. Adam Ward
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    We were driving to the Master National in Oklahoma listening to the radio in the truck. We could not believe it.

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