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Thread: Colorado Flooding

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    I grew up in Boulder...I remember when the flash flood wiped Cinderella City off the map-just gone. Scary. Be safe, please....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Losthwy View Post

    Holy Carp!!!! Terry's Grandfather lived in Frederick (just down the street) all his life- worked in the coal mines there. I grew up a few miles from Firestone and don't remember even a small creek in that area- must be just surface water. Good old Platte River- mile wide, and an inch deep. Too thick to drink and too thin to plow. Still - it drains a LOT of country and can get huge in a minit.

    Hope everyone is safe regards

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    Living along the Mississippi Rive all my life in a river town ,I feel the pain of this flooding. In 1993 we lived in an area that flooded. My parents owned our house,and 3 rentals on the same street. When the river finally consumed our neighborhood we had standing water up to the 1st floor ceilings for several weeks. I was in my junior year of high school and the emotional stress it put on my parents was overwhelming. Within a year of the flood they where divorced. Floods can change your life!

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    What is this rain you speak of?

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