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Thread: Deposits at a Breeder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhenee Fadling View Post
    If I'm buying a puppy from a breeder or if we have someone buying a pup from us, we write on the check what being purchased, i.e. yellow male, etc.

    We hold the actual deposit checks until the puppy purchase is final, if we can't provide the puppy the purchaser wants, color/sex, or there's another legitimate reason the person doesn't take a pup, we return the actual check.
    I used to do this as well until I was burned not once but twice. Buyer sent deposit check then kind of fell off the face of the earth. Stop payment was ordered on the first check as I went to the bank just to see, second one I never could get a hold of the people again. Sent emails, called both cell numbers and home number and finally sent letter to home address. Now I cash the checks and leave the cash in a safe. That kind of covers the breeder some but at the same time leaves the cash accessible to refund if needed.

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    This works too. I appreciate the input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Potter View Post
    I email a reservation form to puppy buyers that they fill out, sign, and send back with their check. I only guarantee the desired sex, not color, and the agreement they sign spells out the conditions.
    Does this mean if I wanted ONLY a dark brown male, like the stud dog that attracted me to the litter in the first place, I would have to accept a light deadgrass if that was the only male? Not sure that is what you meant. I know when we got Scout we had the choice of refund of deposit or to wait for different litter (which we did).
    Sounds like the op is being pushed to take a choco when his deposit was for a black. I would never have accepted that.
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    Carol, with Chessies, color is not as predictable as in Labs, and we have a wider variation within colors....and they can change quite a bit between birth and maturity. I'd expect, if color was a primary concern, that the buyer would ask that question prior to reserving from a particular litter.

    However, if both parents are brown to dark brown, the likelihood of getting a light deadgrass pup is pretty minimal.

    If all the pups were medium brown and you wanted a very dark brown rather than just some shade of brown, I'm not your breeder...I'm not breeding for color. I can give a range...for example one of my upcoming litters is a dark deadgrass female (Reload) bred to a dark brown male. Pups will likely range from dark deadgrass to light brown to brown. So far, nobody has said "I only want a dark deadgrass female", and I am very clear that I don't guarantee a specific color, only the sex. The other litter coming is dark brown to dark I'd steer you toward that litter if dark brown was what you wanted.

    As for the OP, if a black was requested, just say "thanks for the offer, but I'll stick with my choice of black, and if I can't get the black pup, either move my deposit to the next time you do this cross or refund it". Much depends on the agreement with the breeder....which is why I now have a puppy reservation form so everything is spelled out upfront.
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