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I look at different than some. If its a hunting dog, hunt it. In my lowly opinion no amount of training can prepare a dog for what it sees in true hunting situations. A dog is going to have to learn to sit for long stretches of time with no action. I know I cant sit beside my dog for two hours teaching it to stay in a blind,on a stand etc. I can while hunting. I cant get 4-5 guys together and unload on a group of ducks at 30 yards.Swat cripples.Hoot and holler.I can while hunting. But you have to make it all about the dog and it does have to have the basics down.Sit,here,heel and I feel deliver to hand. Don't let it break,run wild etc.

I agree with this. It is pretty much impossible to simulate a real hunting situation. Sitting a heel for 3-4 hours at time, seeing birds flying around, working the decoys, chasing cripples and hunting up birds in cover. I feel my 10 month pup learned more about 'hunting' from his first 2 hunts ever than any simulated training scenario I presented him. He also seemed to have the best time in his life and made some retrieves/found some birds that I think gave him a lot of confedience. Confedience in me that when I say 'dead bird', if he hunts he will find one. Somethings just cannot be replicated in training.

I would make sure the dog is conditioned to gunfire first though.