Looking for some feedback on books and some suggestions on more.
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Thread: Looking for some feedback on books and some suggestions on more.

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    Default Looking for some feedback on books and some suggestions on more.

    Hello All!

    I have been reading up the past month or two on retriever training and as a noob was really looking for some opinions on the methods and programs that I have been reading about and thought this forum would be a great place to hear some sage opinions. I’ve been lurking and searching though the forum a bit and since I just finished up my last book thought I would ask for somethoughts.

    I've read the following training books and was wonderingif some of the members would share a little of their knowledge and experience on the training methods. After all I don’t really know what works or if what Iam reading is outdated, doesn’t work very well or is outside my amateur skillset.

    In the order that I read them… based on when I was ableto get copies of them:

    1. Game Dog by Wolters (Edit: I meant to leave this one off since I've read lots on how this is outdated.)

    2. RetrieverTraining: The Complete Guide to Developing Your Hunting Dog by Tom Dokken

    3. The LabradorShooting Dog by Mike Gould

    4. The 10-MinuteRetriever by the Dahls

    5. RetrieverTraining: A Back to Basics Approach by Robert Milner

    I guess I’m looking to take the thoughts that I’ve been having in my head about each book and have them with some more experienced folks. I’m considering getting my first lab pup next spring-ish possibly later and am trying to increase my knowledge so that I can make some sound decisions on my future pups behalf and impede his or her potential in the least possibleway (my knowledge and skills). I’m not intending at this point in trying to train a field trail dog just the best possible hunting dog that I can. I hope to try and meet with a more experienced handler (pro or amateur) every otherweekend and try to work out a little teaching (me) and take home homework sessions for things like FF and CC.
    Some suggestions for future reading would also be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Anyways sorry for the long post and I hope to keep onlearning from RTF.



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    A friend of loaned me her stacks of retriever journal magazines from over the years.
    There is so much info in them, I can't say which months or years cuz I didn't keep track but boy, there can be some training nuggets found.

    I've not read any of these books you listed, so I'm no help.

    I'm a DVD kinda gal & have 2 of Lardys which have been invaluable to me.
    Taking notes while watching and reading not only makes me a dork but helps me remember what the heck I should be doing when I'm out training the Finster dog.

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    Best starting point would be Bill Hillmann's DVD - Training a Retriever Puppy.

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    Thanks for the responses. I've watching a lot of Hillmann clips on youtube and I like what I see but the price is a little much at this point since I'm mostly in the learning research phase (not picking a program yet). I just sent $25 bucks out of the bank account to get the Chris Akin DVD since its so cheap and I've heard some good things. Thinking next read will be Lardy's 1st articles since its also reasonable priced and sounds like a favored program (although I am a little concerned that my training skills may not be up to par).

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    Join a club, Get with a training group & or find a mentor. Pay attention to the people whose dogs perform well and impress you The best reading material you will find is Vol 1 of Mike Lardy's Retriever Journal articles

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