Field Trial in Colorado moved to safer grounds
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Thread: Field Trial in Colorado moved to safer grounds

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    Default Field Trial in Colorado moved to safer grounds

    I just read on Mrs. Gooser's page that the Field Trial this weekend in Colorado has been moved to safer grounds. Seems the Platte River is now more like an ocean

    We should be keeping everyone traveling to the FT and especially everyone in that area in our prayers. This weather is just devastating. She said that Orchard, Co
    " was evacuated and all the townspeople were at the bridge just crying" So very sad.

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    I can't imagine that kind of devastation.

    Prayers that the rains move from their area and spread themselves all over Texas, we need water bad!
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    one of my long time resident friends told me the area averages around 15 inches of rain annually...and they have received 13+ inches just in the last week..I know Colorado might have been in drought conditions but that is over doing it, I will pray for the safety of ALL residents both in and out of the dog community...

    Not a geography expert, but where does the Platte run into, didnt I cross it just outside of Cheyenne Wy, I do know it runs toward Nebraska too
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    The South Platte River runs through Denver and flows north towards Greeley then east/northeast towards Nebraska. The North Platte River flows through Wyoming. The two converge somewhere in Nebraska, I think around North Platte. The rivers that are flooding the Estes Park area, Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland, etc. flow to the South Platte.
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    The town of Lyons on the way up to Estes is completely cut off. National guard went in to pull out 500. The air National Guard has recued over 1000 in the past 24 hours with helicopters. The towns of Milliken and Evans were completely cut off yesterday and today. My cousin had to hike to a top of a mountain to be evacuated out of Left Hand Canyon by helicopter. Around 400 unaccounted for, 4 deaths until tonight, might have lost two more in a storm this afternoon in around Aurora.

    This is much worse than the Big T Flood in 76, its more wide spread and moving around the front range right now is difficult. Most roads closed and some towns only have one way in. For instance, Estes Park has 4 main routes closed with only one open, the Peak to Peak Hwy. I came in from DIA last night and had to drive an additional 75 miles around all of the closures.
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    Chris Hatch is one of the judges. He called us this morning around 9:00 am Colorado time to tell us he and other campers had been evacuated early this morning from where they had their travel trailers parked for the trial. They were caravanning around towing their trailers trying to find a road that was open that would take them to the trial grounds. Needless to say, the trial did not start at 8:00 am this morning.


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    Prayer for everyone out there. My nephews wife was called up to her National Guard unit and is right in the middle of it now. She started the summer fighting fires and is ending the summer helping with floods. Kind of irony in a way I guess.
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    I hope they can finish it at Pauls place, the water was getting higher and higher yesterday Julie sad, I hope it didnt invade ther property, Maybe Hunter can be test dog for the Derby LOL
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    Wishing everyone safe time. Hope no issues! Take care all! Prayers sent.
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    Hope everyone made it home safe from Colorado. Here is what the South Platte river looks like in Nebraska:

    Gotta say that we could use the moisture!!!!

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