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Thread: Montifeltro shotgun , ok deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uplandbird View Post
    I was wondering how effective it would be on snow geese and ducks. Kjrice already saved me $25 so I'm good with spending that. You like the patternmaster chokes that's good enough for me. I will get one, thanks.

    No wonder Jennifer loves you so much, your a naughty naughty boy! Hahaaha I've been called a wench before with some colorful words included in the statement. But I don't need a choke wench so my mistake. I'll leave the choke wench to Ken, he maybe able to utilize better.

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    I bought that choke for my 12 ga. SBE II about 8 years ago for the first time and could not how it folded ducks at long distances. For me, it makes steel shoot like lead used to.

    3" #2 or #3 with that long range extended choke out of that 20 ga. will send geese tumbling out the sky too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    In good condition that is a very good price. I see them usually around $1000 used and I believe new retail is in the $1400 range. Very, very nice gun. I have one in 12ga. Anything under a grand is a deal, assuming condition and all accessories.
    Wow, I paid $950 out the door brand new for my Montifeltro 12ga. Bought it last spring

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    Before you go and spend $85.00 on a pattern Master check out a Carlson Extended tube, both of my Berreta's and Benneli's did better with a $40.00 Carlson than anything else including a pattern Master..

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