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    There should be an HRC club close to you. HRC is a great family organization that welcomes kids as dog handlers. Running in HRC tests is a good way for your son to learn sportsmanship, discipline, and be able to extend his hunting season to 12 months a year. The club members can help you in selecting a good pup, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David McCracken View Post
    There should be an HRC club close to you. HRC is a great family organization that welcomes kids as dog handlers. Running in HRC tests is a good way for your son to learn sportsmanship, discipline, and be able to extend his hunting season to 12 months a year. The club members can help you in selecting a good pup, too.
    I agree the shizzle of HRC for a young hunter might out shizzle that of AKC initially.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daBuzzard View Post
    First post here,

    I have always been a recreational fisher/hunter, taking trips with friends, don't own a boat or a lease. My two sons have begun taking in interest in duck hunting and really all shooting sports lately so I have become committed to spending as much time as I can with both of them outdoors. I have been involved with little league football with the younger but the older showed no interest and that chapter may be closing for our family. I am spending time "around" my son while I am coaching but I can't say we are spending time together.

    My older son has a birthday in February and he really wants a Lab. I might get him a Christmas pup in the hopes we can have the dog with us opening dove season next year (I live east of Houston) I have grown up with dogs (house felt weird if we didn't have two dogs at one time) so our family is dog friendly. He is the type of kid animals and small children follow around. Good natured and very attentive. I really want to try and start this off right but there are a bunch of differing opinions out there and I was curious about the suggestions for a COMPLETE beginner. I searched the forum and it seems some of the suggestions were for field trial dogs or competition. I am not interested in that. We will have a family pet that can hunt too.

    I have the "Ten-minute trainer" book coming to me in the mail to check out, is there a companion DVD to go along with this?
    My 12 year old son will be heavily involved in this (I want him to be the trainer) so that needs to be taken into consideration.

    I appreciate it!
    Labs are a great choice for a family dog and have the added bonus of willing to please, trainable and fun. Couple of things I would think about.

    1. While you want a dog for Christmas, take your time and find a well respected breeder and litter. Don't let the initial sticker price of the pup shock you. Remember the cheapest aspect of owning a dog is the puppy price. This is a huge family investment, go into it with the best potential for success.

    2. There are a variety of training materials on the market that can show you the basics and give you an idea of the steps and progression to take. While they won't give you all you need to train a dog, they do demonstrate a logical training order.

    3. Find a local retriever club and join. One of the things new folks can bring to the table is manpower. Jump in be willing to help with setup, throwing birds, helping at club functions and the returns in training knowledge and help will overflow. Its a great activity with the boys as well and relatively small investment in time in the long run.

    4. Be patient with the dog and the progress. It doesn't happen overnight and with a puppy real training starts 4 months or so in.

    5. Have fun. We lose perspective on that at times. This board and others can be great resources for assistance however on this board there are a lot of highly competitive people running highly competitive events. Can get a bit harsh in discussion at times, however that just shows the passion people have for the dogs and the sport. Keep it all in perspective

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    Kudos to you for wanting to include your boys. Growing up all I wanted was for my dad to want to learn how to hunt/train a dog. It didn't happen. I still love my dad, but if you approach all of this with a positive attitude it will have a positive impact on your kids! I really respect parents that introduce their kids to the outdoors... Maybe it will keep them outside and not playing video games! I'm a Resident Assistant at my college and there is a notable difference in the work ethic of kids whose parents were actively involved in their kids in the outdoors and those whose parents let them be in front of the tv all the time. Keep it up!
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    Remember that competitive dogs can be your best friend too. The sticker price on a pup is the cheapest part of the experience.

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    Where do you live State/area-wise?
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    As stated above...Make it fun. We tend to do things or come back to it when they are fun. If and when you start the journey, and you do decide on a dog, take the necessary steps to understand your dog. They already understand you. It's is up to you to understand them....

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