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Thread: Dog Training in Southern Califonia

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    Default Dog Training in Southern Califonia

    Hi new to forum just got a Yellow lab puppy and looking for some one to training him. Would like to do some bird hunting with him and maybe even hunt test. I have looked around the net and see a lot of trainers but looking for some recommendations.

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    just where do you live in SoCal ?

    Having grown up there and living most of my adult life there a person has to drive great distances to either train dog or even worse to hunt. So many of the rural areas of SoCal were developed for upscale communities, heck at one time we used to be able to shoot pheasants and train dogs, and shoot skeet in a place called Coto de Caza (home of the hunt) until some developer decided it would make a great place for a golf course and million dollar homes. its also where Dana (Brown) Istre taught Jack Vollstedt how to train dogs..used to be able to shoot valley quail in Riverside county but many of those ares are developed or incorporated so shooting a gun is verboten..

    I know that Arnie/Linda Erwin were thinking of putting out a book on how they were able to train dogs all these years in urban surroundings, but they live in El Cajon/San Diego and thats a whole different SoCal than the concrete jungles of Orange and LA counties

    I also used to train at El Dorado park in Long Beach, until some elderly person complained that my dog was off its leash and chasing ducks in one of the ponds. FTR I was using bumpers and doing baseball hand signal casts, but still got a ticket from the park police

    There are a couple of dog groups that meet/train at the Prado Basin Rec Area in Corona
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    Where are you located and how old is your pup? Is this your first lab?

    There are a lot of trainers in Southern California but it is really hard to recommend the right one without knowing you and your dog.

    I strongly suggest you check out the Inland Valley Retriever Club. Next meeting/training day is Saturday October 5th at the Prado Basin Dog Park. The best way to start your pup and find the right pro trainer is to visit a retriever club, watch what the dogs are doing and ask questions.

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    Definitely check out this relatively recent thread- it has a ton of information in it about training groups etc:
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