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Thanks for the thoughts guys. Heading out this weekend with a good scouting report. We'll see if I bring her along. Should definitely have some geese to work with after that...we'll see if my wife lets me keep a couple in the freezer

Thinking maybe I will let her get some confidence up with ducks...maybe some pheasant. This is my first dog period so I have lots to learn. I figure that she is at the very least a good first dog since she isn't an expensive dog with awesome breeding to back her up. I'm not really out anything.

Not to bust your bubble but no all dogs will come around to picking up geese ...I have FF several over the years for this very reason ...They love ducks but when it comes to big birds they just don't have the prey drive to get the job done....following the advice of others to try and get the retrieving desire up on big birds is the right way to go...FF will be your answer if show and tell doesn't work out....Steve S