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Thread: Choke for Benelli Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterdog711 View Post
    With all due respect to the Kick's (which I have not tried), I can wholeheartedly endorse the patternmaster extended long range choke.

    Best money I've spent on hunting since I bought the gun.
    I just today bought the Patternmaster extended long range choke for the new 20 ga. I'm hoping I can use 20 ga not only for for pheasants, ducks, but hopefully be able to kill a lot of snow geese with it. Dang 12 gauge beats the crap out of me after a few days in Sask.

    Just for the record Tom (waterdog711) they are now $90 plus $5 for shipping. But they were very helpful on phone and its already been shipped!

    Lastly, I bought a Briley choke for skeet, eh, didn't really help up my scores impressively. Expensive choke I thought may help my sucky skeet skills.
    But I think a extended choke may really make this little gun versatile.

    Oh and don't need no stinkin wench for the patternmaster either Gooser!

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    Hi the patter master choke that you have what type of shells are you using with it ?

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    Standard modified that came with the gun, have a Patternmaster if you want it let me know i'll sell it, the mod works best for me.
    Daren Galloway

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    Carlson, have had the patermaster on both of my guns benelli and a berreta and the carlsons out did both of them on paper and in the field. Ken the extended choke typically produces a more uniformed shot string comming out of the barrel resulting in a better pattern..

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    I also mostly use the modified that came with the Nova.
    One great morning of early teal, I had shot for the colonial field trial the weekend before back when they held a fall trial in Stowe, VT. I still had an aftermarked open choke in made for skeet, that I shoot live birds at tests with. I limited before anyone else in the blind that morning. Do not know what that says about my shooting. But gosh I was dropping those quick little buggers at will, that morning.
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