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Thread: Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Help!

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    I feed PPP with great results to 3 different dogs. I give my dogs 5 minutes to eat and then I pick up their food dishes. All dogs get from 1.5 cups to 2 cups of food per serving. They always clean up their feed inside 5 minutes. Don

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    I have a dog with irritable bowl disease. Believe me, we have tried a lot of things and done a lot of research. The gist of it is, if your dog is otherwise healthy, let him skip a meal if he acts uninterested. At the next meal give half the normal amount. If he eats that, go back to normal. If he doesn't eat the half ration within 15 minutes or so, pick it up and give him a quarter ration at the next meal. It usually doesn't take long for them to come around.

    Rarely, you will get into a bad batch of food. Try a small bag of the same food from a different store, if necessary, and a different lot. Rancid or otherwise contaminated food can be the cause, but apparently it doesn't happen often.

    If that doesn't work and he's gone a couple of days not eating or barely eating, then you might consider a vet check to see if there really is something wrong. It could be a sore tooth or mouth injury, or a host of other things. A *healthy* dog occasionally will skip a meal, but not for days at a time. Constantly rotating his food "because he's tired of it, or doesn't like it," will promote picky eating habits.
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    Seems to be better dont know if he just wasnt feeling all to well or just wasnt hungry when I was feeding him but last couple days after taking his food away when he wouldnt eat he now eats it all. Thanks for all the post. Think maybe he was just worried he was going to miss something while we were doing stuff around the house and he was eating.
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